Luminous Landscape Photography

 Hello everyone ever heard the term luminous landscape photography before? Well it's our task for today to figured it out right, about what is luminous landscape photography is all about.First of all lets defy the words separately for us to be able to know exactly what the words are.So lets start to define the word luminous.
  • Luminous - based on my research, i gathered this data that states that luminous is the emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light, of or relating to light or to luminous flux, bathed in or exposed to steady light <luminous with sunlight>.In lay mans term it is the producing or seeming to produce light.
     Now that we defined the meaning of luminous lets defy now the second term landscape.
  • landscape -picture that shows a natural scene of land or the countryside, an area of land that, has a particular quality or appearance, a particular area of activity.

     We are now going to defy our last term which is photography, here's what i research about that.

  • Photography -well photography is the art, process, or job of taking pictures using a camera.

     Now that we defy those terms, we should come up up with our own definition about luminous landscape photography.Here's is what I've come up:

  • Luminous landscape photography is the art of taking a picture of a particular area of activity where there is a emitting or reflecting relating to light.

So now that I've come up with that definition, for you to be able to understand it more, you can browse the pictures below to better understand it.


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