Terrifying sights that is hidden all over the world

The world is a beautiful place, however, in recent times we've all been told that the world is becoming a scarier place.

What if I could prove that it's not only recently the world became such a terrible place? And hidden all over the world are terrifying sights that could contest with any scene from any horror movie?!

Here's a list of some truly blood curdling , toe curling, hair whitening places and their atrocities.

If you're scared of bones, mass graves and general all-round freak out terrifying, I would stop reading now...

The Sedlec Ossuary

"What a lovely church", is what you can imagine most people would say when walking past this church in the Czech Republic. But go inside and it's a TOTALLY different story. Everything is made with bones, the bones of between 40,000-70,000 people to be more precise.

Like this chandelier that's made out of skulls and bones, with a few trumpeting cherubs thrown in. Because without them this would just be weird right?

This wall decoration, made out of skulls and bones.

And more decoration made out of, you guessed it, skulls and bones. The church was the inspiration for Dr Satan's lair in the Rob Zombie horror movie House of 1000 Corpses.

Chuuk Lagoon

A tranquil part of the South Pacific.....which also holds the largest underwater burial site from the Second World War.

The largest Japanese base, over three days of fighting more than 60 Japanese warships and 200 aircraft sank after an attack by Allied forces. There were very few survivors. It is now a popular, if not creepy, diving destination. So if you like to look at fish, and skulls of dead soldiers, you know where to go.

The Island of the Dolls

This looks like such a lovely little island of the coast of Mexico doesn't it? Right? Wrong!
Up close this island is full of terrifying looking dolls hanging everywhere. Rumor has it that a little girl drowned in a canal on the island of La Isla de las Muñecas in front of its owner Don Julián Santana, who believed her spirit haunted the place. People say he became crazy with fear and started to collect dolls to save himself from her. He gathered them from trash heaps, and sold people vegetables in exchange for dolls which he then stashed in trees, on the ground and even empaled dolls heads on spikes, 1500 of them altogether.


One of Europe's most picturesque hiking spots, thousands flock every year to see the views and take in the surroundings. Hard to believe these mountains were the stage for some of the most bloody fights during the First World War.

Bullet holes can be seen in tress, barbed wire can still be found from trenches and it was the final resting place for many Italian and Austrian soldiers as the Italians tried to take the mountains from the Austrians.

Pripyat, Chernobyl

Once a bustling city with thousands of inhabitants, it has now been left abandoned for over 25 years due to the huge disaster at the nearby Chernobyl power plant. On the 26th April 1986 a catastrophic amount of radiation leaked, immediately killing 31 people. But the after effects have been devastating.

Now looking like the set of a post-apocalyptic war film, people who were involved in the blast and live in the surrounding areas have complaints of birth defects in babies, there has been a huge surge in cancer victims and other illnesses. According to Greenpeace the blast has killed over 200,000 people since 1986, and the number keeps growing.

Pompeii Italy

This town near Mount Vesuvius, a pretty massive volcano, has a collection of living statues. Well, I say living, they were alive in Roman times. Until one day when the volcano erupted with huge clouds of volcanic ash raining down on the village.The ash then covered the people of the village and solidified, turning them into human statues. Creepy.

Takakanonuma Amusement Park, Japan

Opened in the mid 1970's the park swiftly closed after two years, many said there was a lot of mysterious deaths that happened and that's why they shut it down.It was opened again in 1986, but after ten years, and more mysterious deaths it closed its doors for a final time. Seriously, if you want a feel of what it would be like to live on Silent Hill, camping here overnight is probably a good bet.

Herxheim Cannibal Village Germany

Now a lovely village in South West Germany, but back in the stone age? A mass grave for victims of ritual cannibalism. Yummy. The bodies of men, women, children and even a fetus were expertly skinned and the bones had tool marks that showed the flesh had been cut off.

Bones were exposed for the marrow to be eaten, smashed skulls were found meaning the brain had been taken out and injuries on some skeletons showed the people had been spit roasted.


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